Friday, October 7, 2022

Careem’s matchmaking service irks many, few eager to avail


KARACHI: Your Rishta has arrived! This morning Careem users woke up to a surprise with notifications and emails that their ‘Rishta’ (marriage proposal) has arrived; shocking its patrons.

Arousing the curiosity, many people fell for the clickbait notification to find out what was it about until they discovered that the taxi-hailing service has launched ‘Rishta’ service to help single Pakistanis to find life partners.

Bas kar forever alone ka naara, ab status hoga ‘taken’ tumhara’, Careem’s email read.

En-routing to the destination, now Careem’s users can consult the ‘Rishta Aunty’ for finding their life partners while using the ride-hailing service.

The taxi-hailing service has launched another campaign. Only this time they are targeting the youth who is still single or unmarried.

‘Careem offers you the ‘Halal’ way to find the right person. Have a rishta aunty accompany you during your ride’, the email further read.

People receiving the emails and notification took to Twitter to question and launche a furious tirade against the new marketing ploy of the ride-hailing service. Some were clearly unfunny to this and a hailstorm of tweets soon followed.

The rishta aunty service will run from 19 to 20th of July during the ride.


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