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Multimedia Stories


Despite a promising start, how did the Pakistani space program face setbacks?

After the success of India's Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission, while celebrations are taking place in one neighboring country, Pakistan, on the other hand, has many...

Decade-long job search of graduate Sonia Masih yields to ‘discrimination’

The 31-year-old mother of four now settles with tutoring neighbourhood kids and few house-help gigs to make enough for bare essentials

Coolie Himmat Ali busks on Karachi railway stations dreaming to make it big

Carrying weight of people's heavy luggages to their bogies everyday for past 12 years, the artist finds no respite in constant struggle for bare subsistence

100-year-old Shahi Mosque in Chitral, Pakistan

The Shahi Mosque, also known as the Shahi Masjid, was constructed during the reign of Shuja-ul-Mulk, the Mehtar (ruler) of Chitral, in the 1920s....

“Can’t afford post-retirement life at home,” says ailing 73-year-old bike rider

A PIA retiree, Nizam prefers making a living by working in a ride-hailing service, over depending on help in an economy where most elderly cannot afford luxury of living away their old-age detached from financial difficulties

What tragedies befell Hyderabad’s historic Pucca Qila?

HYDERABAD: Built in mid 18th century, the majestic Pucca Qila awaits a messiah to restore its glory... or at least save it from complete...
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Singer Asad Abbas’ health sharply declines after 7 years of fighting renal failure

FAISALABAD: Some 30 kilometer south of the Manchester of Pakistan lies a small town of Satiana where Asad Abbas, now 33, practiced his vocals...

Meet Alishba, an artist with Down Syndrome who opened a cafe in Karachi

In the bustling city of Karachi, a unique cafe has emerged, blending fusing the flavours of innovation and inclusivity. Meet Alishba Aminuddin, a gifted...

Exclusive: Ship with first ever Russian crude oil order arrives at Karachi port

Here's a show & tell of first ever Russian crude oil cargo making its arrival at Karachi after discount deal between Pakistan and Russia, whose...