Thursday, October 6, 2022

Hollywood rallies to #StopAsianHate after deadly shootings


Hollywood has come out in support of the Asian community in America after deadly shootings in Atlanta left eight including six Asian women dead on Tuesday.

The tragedy stirred up intense outrage across the US and on Twitter as bias against Asians was cited as a motivating factor for the accused, a 21-year-old white male named Robert Aaron Long.

As numerous hashtags including #StopAsianHate trended on Twitter, a number of celebs voiced out their support and grievance, including Asian stars Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gemma Chan, Margaret Cho, George Takei, Lana Condor, and Shannon Lee, the daughter of Bruce Lee.

Calling out former US President Donald Trump’s record of hateful anti-Asian rhetoric, and his use of the term ‘kung flu’ for COVID, Lee said, “This is where “kung flu” leads.”

“You think it’s a joke and that we shouldn’t be so serious about it. But then there are those who latch onto it with hatred and xenophobia and use it to fuel their fear and contempt until it explodes into heinous acts.”

Renowned comedian Cho simply tweeted, “I’m angry. This is terrorism. This is a hate crime. Stop killing us. #StopAsianHate.”

She also attached a video in which she said, “It is a hate crime. When you kill [six] Asian women, it’s a hate crime. I don’t know why that’s even a question.”

Star Trek actor Takei also turned to Twitter to call out the racist shooting. “Whether the killer went in with the intent to kill Asian women or he just happened to go to three different Asian establishments, miles apart, with intent to kill those inside doesn’t change the racial nature of these murders.”

Condor, star of the film To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, also rallied for support for Asians. “Your Asian friends and family are deeply scared, horrified, sick to their stomachs, and wildly angry. Please please please stand with us,” she tweeted.

Crazy Rich Asians star Chan took to Instagram to address the tragedy, writing, “Please pay attention to what is happening…  This is the latest in a surge of horrific attacks on the Asian community.”

“We need to stop the dehumanization of Asians. We need to stop the scapegoating of Asians for Covid. We need to unite against all forms of hate,” she added. “Check in on your Asian friends because we are not ok. Educate yourself and others on the model minority myth and the long history of anti-Asian racism.”

“We must stop violence & hate against our Asian brothers and sisters,” tweeted Broadway star Miranda, urging people to “take virtual bystander intervention training and learn ways to intervene effectively without compromising safety.”

Shonda Rhimes, the showrunner behind Grey’s Anatomy, said, “Last night was an act of pure racist hatred. This is very personal to me as a mom of a child who is both Black & Asian. But it shouldn’t have to be personal to know it’s wrong. Speak up.”

Musician John Legend expressed dismay at the tragedy as well, saying, “Absolutely horrible. Sending love to all the loved ones of those whose lives were taken. Our nation needs to reckon with the increased threats being directed at our Asian-American brothers and sisters.”

Scroll down to see how numerous other celebrities raised their voices against the attacks and called to #StopAsianHate.




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