Sunday, August 14, 2022

WATCH: Chain smoker’s skin turns bright yellow


A chain smoker’s skin turned to yellow after doctors diagnosed that his continuous smoking habit has caused a tumour inside his body which blocked his bile ducts.

The patient, a 60-year-old man from China, was rushed to the hospital after he felt unwell and noticed his body turning to a shade of yellow.

The doctors were shocked to see the bright yellow colour of the smoker’s skin as if he was covered in yellow paint and later attributed his condition to a rare condition of a tumour.

Doctors at the hospital in Huai’an performed tests on him which led to the revelation that he was diagnosed with jaundice caused by a large tumour in his pancreas, that had also blocked his bile ducts.

The doctors said the man’s habit of heavy smoking contributed to the large tumour, which eventually led to jaundice. Further testing revealed the man had a second tumour in his body.

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The doctors performed a surgery on him to remove the tumour, bringing his skin colour to a normal. They asked him to give up his smoking habit as it could lead to a further deterioration in his health condition.


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