Friday, July 1, 2022

‘Charlie bit my finger’ viral video to be deleted from YouTube forever


A 55-second video of a British toddler named Harry being bitten by his baby brother Charlie was uploaded to YouTube and soon after became an online phenomenon.

The “Charlie Bit My Finger” video that was uploaded in May 2007 has become one of the most-viewed viral videos of all time with over 880 million views, but now the Davies-Carr family confirmed that the 55-second viral video will be deleted from YouTube’s platform on May 23, following the NFT auction, according to NPR.

The clip takes a hilarious turn when Harry sticks his finger in Charlie’s mouth, and his younger brother responds by biting down. Harry’s proclamation of “Ouch, Charlie!” and “Charlie, that really hurt!” have become iconic in the years since, while the viral video has garnered more than 882 million view counts.

The stars of the video, 17-year-old Harry and 15-year-old Charlie, added that the auction is “the perfect opportunity to embrace the next iteration of the internet.”

NFTs are a new form of cryptocurrency that pairs each unit sold with original artwork or video clips. The act of buying an NFT — in this case, the original “Charlie Bit My Finger” video — grants the buyer full non-commercial rights to the original work. After purchase, the piece exists in the buyer’s “digital wallet.”


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