Friday, February 3, 2023

#ChawaniAthani and the viral twitter frenzy behind it


You cannot help but try to comprehend what this trend is all about. Why is this hashtag so trendy? What makes it so unique? Why are people talking about it?

In this article, we highlight the reasons why #ChawaniAthani has become so popular with the masses.

1) Sense of nostalgia

Gathering money in a clay made pot is a practice that we all have done in our childhood. While our reasoning for doing this may have been different, it is still an intrinsic part of all our childhoods.

When people see the hashtag, they get a nostalgic feeling of going back in time to their childhood. It helps them reminisce about a time when people had simpler aspirations in life such as wanting a new toy.

This strong sense of nostalgia is what draws people to the hashtag. When people hear the hashtag for the first time, it brings their attention to the early days of their childhood. This, in return, takes their mind back into a simpler time.

2) Catchy and simple lyrics

What makes a catchphrase or one-liner so immensely popular is how easy it is to say or sing along to it. This is the case with the highly popular #ChawaniAthani.

If one looks at the phrase, it’s very easy to remember since both words rhyme with each other. Throughout the ages, such rhyming phrases became catchy and thus, resonated well with the masses.

Since the hashtag is two rhyming words joined together, it becomes easy to remember and sing along to. This can help attribute to the popularity of the catchphrase.

3) A sense of family

It’s no surprise that in a country like Pakistan, content that instils a sense of family values is highly popular.

The #ChawaniAthani instantly teleports the reader’s mind to their childhood past. A period of their lives when they went around the house asking every family member to put money in the pot.

The hashtag brings about former memories of when many generations of a family lived together under one roof. It helps them think about all the fun and joyful times with family members in such a large setting.

When people come across this hashtag on social media, they can’t help but use it to describe instances of their past. Which, in return, culminates in the circulation and popularity of the hashtag itself.

4) Hopes and dreams

When we think of #ChawaniAthani, our mind travels back to our youthful days when we collected money for various purposes.

Each of us had something that we wanted to purchase using those savings. While our desires and wants maybe different, our means of achieving that were the same. In this case, gathering money in a clay pot was the similarity amongst many of us.

As the hashtag became a trend online, more people started using it to talk about their youthful days of saving money for greater reasons.

5) A case of curiosity

There are times when something becomes trendy online, people have no idea what it is. However, that does not stop them from going on social media to talk about the trendy topic or hashtags.

Many of the social media users are young and have not had the same childhood experiences as more older users. Hence, for them, the hashtag is quite strange and different.

Out of curiosity, many will use the #ChawaniAthani to ask questions about what it is and what it entails. This, in return, would contribute even more popularity to the hashtag.


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