Thursday, August 18, 2022

Cheeseburger lunch makes North Carolina man millionaire


A cheeseburger lunch turned the fortunes of a North Carolina man as he became a millionaire by scratching a lottery ticket, according to a news report.

Kevin Poole, an asphalt plant supervisor, had gone to lunch with his co-worker where he ordered a cheeseburger with onion rings and bought a lottery ticket of $30.

“After I finished eating my cheeseburger and onion rings, I scratched it,” Poole told the North Carolina Education Lottery.

The education lottery stated that it won him a $1 million prize. Poole kept $424,509 after-tax deduction.

Poole has big plans for spending the money.

“I’m over-excited now,” Poole said in a news release. “I’m building a house, and I’d like to buy more land.

“I want to build a motocross track outback for my sons to ride on.”

Hitting a jackpot is not something new when it comes to dining at a restaurant or visiting a shop in the United States

A woman Yolande Tyler stopped at a store to buy a soft drink, where she won a $2 million lottery ticket.

Yolande informed the lottery official that she will start community van services for the elderly as they find it difficult to find rides while most people don’t have their family around.

In 2019, a cook in England’s Surrey county Vinh Tran won a $1 million prize. He had said that he would open a Vietnamese food restaurant.


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