Saturday, June 25, 2022

Chimpanzee feeds fishes at park, video goes viral


A video involving a chimpanzee and a school of fish has gone viral on social media as it’s an absolute delight to watch.

The 14-second video shared by was shared on Twitter by the page ‘Buitengebieden’, which regularly tweets funny and adorable animal videos. In the viral video, the chimpanzee can be seen sitting near a pond at a park with some food on a plate.

Moments later, the chimpanzee picks up food from the plate and started feeding the fishes. Within seconds, the fish rush to the food and finish it and the chimp repeats the same thing.

However, it is not clear whether it’s a big zoo enclosure or if he’s a pet or a wild monkey that came across some food to feed fishes in a park. Since being shared, the video has garnered over 692,000 views – and counting. It has also gathered tons of comments from people.

Monkeys have time and time again proved that they’re highly intelligent beings and their ability to understand how humans behave should not be underestimated.


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