Thursday, August 11, 2022

China to assist Balochistan in agriculture sector


QUETTA: Deputy Chief of Mission of Chinese Embassy in Islamabad Lijian Zhao said that his country wanted to assist Balochistan to improve its agriculture sector.

During a meeting with Agriculture Minister Zamarak Khan Piralizai, the Chinese envoy said that under the second phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, investments would be made in several sectors, including agriculture.

He assured the minister that China would help the Balochistan government long-lasting development of its agriculture sector. Chinese investors would also invest in the agriculture sector of the province, he added.

Balochistan’s agriculture sector will be boosted by imparting training to the farmers about latest technology, proper usage of seeds, irrigation and capacity building, the Chinese official said.

Further, the two sides discussed the significance of the agriculture sector.

The minister expressed gratitude to the Chinese diplomat for showing interest in the development of the agriculture sector and told him that the Balochistan government would provide complete cooperation and facilities to the Chinese investors.



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