Monday, June 27, 2022

Chinese woman killed during robbery in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: A female Chinese national died after being shot by robbers while resisting a robbery attempt in Islamabad, China’s state-run news agency said.

The Chinese national died in the incident on January 12, said the report, adding that the Chinese embassy confirmed the death on its website on Sunday.

The woman was shot when three gunmen stormed a residence rented by a group of Chinese nationals on Dec. 29, 2017 in Islamabad. She was later transferred to hospital for treatment.

According to local media, the gang opened fire at the 35-year-old woman and looted 550,000 Rupee in cash (nearly US$5,000) then fled.

No arrest has been made so far and the Chinese embassy has urged the Pakistani side to attach importance to the case, arrest the perpetrators as soon as possible and protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.

Meanwhile, Police in Karachi arrested a Chinese national for his alleged involvement in ATM skimming scam from Tipu Sultan Road on Sunday.

Police claimed to have recovered an ATM skimming device and Rs6 lacs from his possession. The man has been identified as Shu Shuping.

Three accomplices of the suspect managed to flee from the spot during the raid, police said. However, no further details were shared about the raid.

Earlier, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials arrested four suspects involved in ATM skimming fraud in Rawalpindi, recovering skimming devices from their possession.

ATM skimming — an illegal activity in which account details are stolen from the magnetic strip contained on the back of the debit card has been around for a while and such incidents have happened, sporadically, in Pakistan as well.


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