Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Shocking! Woman astounded to find 2 needles inside her brain


A woman was shocked to find two five-centimetre-long needles embedded in her brain when she went for a CT scan following a minor accident.

While she had to go through the CT scan procedure after a minor car accident in which she sustained some head injury, it was learned that the needles were not related to the accident.

The 29-year-old Zhu of Zhengzhou, China, met with a car accident recently and her physician advised to get a CT scan to ensure that there were no internal damages.

The CT scan did not show injuries related to the accident, but it revealed something weird. There were two metal objects about five-centimetre long shaped like needles, stuck in the woman’s skull.

Zhu said that she never had surgery on her head. Nor she could ever recollect feeling unwell or unexplained headaches.

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The doctors said that since the needles are thin and are not rooted in an important-function area of her skull, she did not feel them. They nevertheless recommended that foreign bodies should be removed.

The doctors believed that the needle-like objects might have been inserted into Zhu’s head, deliberately or accidentally, when she was a child because, they suggested, these objects, no matter how small, could not have pierced through to her developed skull coming of age.

Zhu’s parents, when apprised, expressed shock, too, as they did not know when and how the needles were inserted in her head.

As per reports, Zhu has reported the findings of the CT scan to the police.

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