Tuesday, August 16, 2022

COVID-19 threat: Cinema installs ‘social distancing seats’


As part of precautionary measures against the spread of COVID-19, a Japanese cinema installs ‘social distancing seats’ for people to watch movies in private.

According to the details, the Japanese cinema has come up with a unique set up for movie buffs who like watching new releases in private. Japan’s AEON cinemas have created socially distant seats that are perfect for those who prefer going to the movies by themselves.

The socially distanced seats in the cinema are 1.5 metres, larger than regular ones. In addition, there a wood partition between the seats and smalls shelves to store belongings, Times Now News reported.

“We would like you to watch the movie in a safer, more comfortable environment. With that in mind, we have prepared an upgrade sheet on a part of each screen so that you can experience the feeling of a private room,” the innovation is described on AEON’s website.

“It is a seat with a feeling of a private room where you can concentrate more on the screen and immerse yourself in the movie world without worrying about the line of sight from the next seat. Box seat specifications with partitions on both sides of the seat to prevent splashing and secure personal space,” it adds.


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