Sunday, June 26, 2022

‘Cities: Skylines’ soon to be launched to PS4


Paradox Interactive, a Swedish game publisher has announced to launch the award-winning city-builder game ‘Cities: Skylines’ later this year on PlayStation 4 Edition (PS4), including its ‘After Dark’ expansion.

This game will help you hone your city-building and civil-engineering skills and if you are a mayor then it is a must play for you.

Producer, Cities: Skylines, Paradox Interactive Niklas Lundström said, “At Paradox, strategy and creativity are the core of what we do, and judging from the amount of requests we’ve had to release Cities: Skylines on the PS4, they’re passions shared by this community as well.

“We’ve been hard at work making sure the roads are smooth and the turbines are tuned, so that everything is ready when you build your first city block — but rest assured, the game is looking and playing great on a controller. When you pull back and watch the sun rise over the bustling city you’ve built from the ground up, it’s going to look truly inspiring on the big screen.”

There’s more to Cities: Skylines, of course, than just zoning districts and placing your roads into a neat grid (or using them to spell out your name). Want to build the all-green-energy and self-sustaining town of the future? Have a diabolical plan to build a dam across the river and funnel wastewater into your tourism district? We’ve even seen an entire town of services and infrastructure built around just one house! Cities: Skylines is a game all about setting up plans and policies to create a metropolis that’s uniquely your own, and we can’t wait to see what PlayStation players are capable of, said the game producer.

Niklas Lundström said: “When the game arrives later this year, you’ll get not only a controller-friendly version of Cities: Skylines, but also the tourism and nightlife features from the After Dark expansion. Your thriving community will need some places to unwind once the sun goes down, after all. Please, though, make sure you put in enough taxis and trains to let them get home safely.”


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