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Monday, December 11, 2023
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CJ hears contempt case against IG FC


ISLAMABAD: A certificate of illness of IG FC was produced during the hearing of the contempt of court case against him in the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan, while the Chief Justice (CJ) ordered that who so ever is commanding the Frontier Constabulary (FC) must present before the court tomorrow – ARY News reports.


According to details, the hearing of the IG FC contempt case resumed on Monday in the SC, while the IG FC was not present during the hearing.


IG FC’s attorney Irfan Qadir was inquired by the Chief Justice that was there any advancement made in the case pertaining to Baloch missing persons.


To which Irfan Qadir responded with no. He presented IG FC’s certificate of illness in the court and stated that IG FC is ill, that is why he could not appear before the court.


The CJ ordered that whoever is commanding FC, must appear before the court tomorrow.


Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked at Irfan Qadir that the affected families have not yet been given any relief and we feel ashamed by repeating it daily that acting upon the constitution is your responsibility.


Advocate General Balochistan stated that all the institutions active in the province are trying their best to resolve the issue of missing people.


To which, the Chief Justice inquired that what obstacle is there in the way of Government, inform the court, elaborate it too that are the ones obstructing the recovery of disappeared people belong to somewhere out of the state.


The Advocate General said that it is a new Government; this is why the process is taking time.

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