Sunday, September 25, 2022

Student groups clash at Punjab University over ‘culture day’


LAHORE: At least eighteen people were injured on Tuesday after a violent clash erupted between two student groups in Punjab University, ARY News reported.

A student organisation was holding a ceremony to celebrate ‘Pashtun Culture Day’ at the university campus when they were attacked by the activists of another student group.

The attack resulted in fierce clashes between the two student groups in the campus. They also set fire to the camp of the students celebrating the cultural day.

Several pupils were injured in the ensuing fight, while teaching and non-academic staff were reportedly stranded in the university premises.

The members of both student organizations pelted stones at each other in the clashes. The university authorities called Punjab police to disperse the enraged students involved in skirmishes.

Police opened tear-gas shelling to disperse the students and arrested at least eight students from the site of the violent clash.

The University administration shrugged off blame and said that the incident was cause by the sound system. A university official said that Police were alerted and  reached the site of the incident and diffused the situation.

He said that strict action will be taken against students responsible, irrespective of their affiliation. He said that there was no tolerance for such behavior and those held responsible will be expelled from the university.



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