Wednesday, August 17, 2022

CM Jam Kamal takes notice of flour shortage in province


QUETTA: Chief Minister (CM) Balochistan Jam Kamal on Monday directed the commissioners and the deputy commissioners to ensure provision of flour and wheat on the government rate in the province.

Taking notice of the flour price hike, Jam Kamal vowed to take actions against hoarders and those involved in stocks by creating artificial price hike of essential food items of daily use especially flour.

He issued these directives following media reports and public complaints about the artificial price spiral of flour and other food items in the markets.

The CM Balochistan has also directed the food department to provide wheat, stocked in the warehouses of the department to overcome the situation.

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On the other hand,  Prime Minister Imran Khan had also ordered a country-wide crackdown on hoarders and profiteers for jacking up the price of flour and wheat.

He directed the officials to take effective measures for stabilising the rates of wheat flour, the sources said and added that those involved in creating an artificial crisis of flour in the country will be dealt with iron hands.


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