Thursday, August 11, 2022

Govt and opposition mostly in agreement over ‘police reforms act’: CM Sindh


KARACHI: Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah on Thursday addressing the Sindh Assembly said that it had never been the provincial governments intention to control the police, ARY News reported.

Talking about the police reforms issue in Sindh, the CM said: “Police act documents got to the ministry with amendments and the opposition and the government have agreed on 90% of the changes made.”

Shah said that the government did not believe in meddling with affairs of law enforcement but he was concerned for the well being of those being shot in the knees.

“It is a matter of great surprise that the police mostly shoots at both knees of the accused whenever they shoot at them,” taunted Shah.

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“If someone is a criminal then they should be penalised through proper channel, when we investigated the matter pertaining to accused being shot in the knees, we came up short and found no evidence of the deed,” said Shah.

Shah also directed notice towards the police carrying out investigations against each other if some of them are found erring or involved in criminal activities.

“Government’s will should not be questioned in regard to the police reforms act,” Shah emphasised.

The CM Sindh reiterated that the government did not aim to interfere but accused should be punished by law only and not under dubious circumstances lacking logical credence.


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