Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Coach Mickey Arthur wants one captain for all formats


Arthur has said that he will not allow any external interference in his work and will not let anyone dictate to him.

He also warned players that there will be no leniency shown towards ill-discipline. He also promised there will be compromise on fitness levels.

He had accepted the role of coach because of the challenges it provided. It was his foremost duty to bring the team back on a winning track and he will not comprise for any reason. He was positive that he will be able to bring success back to the team.

Arthur rejected the notion of having separate captains for all three formats of the game. He said that there should be only one captain for the team.

This will reduce the problems in the team and will have more advantages. He said that he wanted to create an environment where players can perform to the best of their ability and enjoy the game.

He also said that the coach should have a role in the team selection. It would be much better if everyone works together for the benefit of the game.

He said that Shahid Afridi was a valuable part for future course of action of the team. Arthur is expected to join the team by end of the month after facing passport issues in Australia.


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