Thursday, August 18, 2022

WATCH: Coach slaps spectator during live match


A basketball coach slapped a member of the audience in China over allegedly yelling at his wife, who criticized the fan for hurling abuses towards a player.

The footage of the incident, which occurred during a live match between Dragons and Liaoning Flying Leopards was captured on cameras.

It shows an emotional Slovenian manager, who heads the Jiangsu Dragons in eastern China, walking to one side of the court before hitting and shoving a member of the audience who was wearing a white T-shirt.

Becirovic was seen physically attacking the spectator in the third quarter when there were five minutes and 36 seconds left to play. The pair had to be separated by players and staff of the arena.

The 58-year-old coach, Memi Becirovic, and the fan were both expelled from the game by the referee after a video review, according to Chinese state media.

It was reported that it all began when the spectator hurled abuses at Lance Stephenson, a former NBA player who now serves the Leopards.

The wife of the coach criticized the fan for hurling abuses.

At this point, the audience member also exchanged heated arguments with the wife, leading to a scuffle in the third quarter of the live broadcasted match.


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