Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Coca Cola attempts to brand itself as a 'healthy snack'


Yes, it does sound amazing and untrue. But Coca Cola has recently decided to collude with health experts and consultants. The move has earned the ire of some opinion makers who see it as an ethically challenged move, aimed at misleading the society and nothing more but a sales tactic.

In February, Coca Cola launched a public relations campaign that promoted Coke as a ‘healthy snack’ and also included penned articles by health experts in major and reputable newspapers. In these op-eds, Coke was promoted as a ‘refreshing beverage’.  These articles suggested that the addition of new Coke miniature cans were an ideal snack that focused on portion control.

Owing to the unpopular and unhealthy rumors that have always been connected with the consumption of artificially flavored beverages, this is not the first time a soft drink company has gone to such lengths in order to rebrand itself as a healthy diet option. Last year, the American Beverage Association (which represents industry giants Coca Cola and Pepsi) publicized a 12 week research which stated that sodas actually contribute to weight loss. This research was much criticized and lampooned by dietary groups who challenged the veracity of the research as well as its findings.

Reasons due to which soft drink companies such as Coke are heavily relying on promoting their products as healthy is due to the fact that medical researches and studies have proved their harmful effects. These drinks, rich in sugar and water, are known to cause diabetes. Also, the flavoring present in Coke and Pepsi (as well as other soft drinks) contributes to cancer. These drinks also produce a layer of fat around the liver, which can be quite worrisome. Obesity, another budding problem for American children, is also caused by frequent consumption of soft drinks. The food coloring in Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other sodas have been found to pose a significant cancer risk to those who consume at least 16 milligrams per day.


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