Saturday, July 31, 2021

VIDEO: CCTV company hires workers in India to scream at robbers in US


WASHINGTON: A CCTV company hired workers in India to monitor shops and scream at robbers in the United States.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work as a US-based CCTV company is offering jobs that involves keeping an eye on others on video and yell at them.

Live Eye Surveillance has a surveillance camera system that monitors shops and lets a remote human operator intervene whenever they see something they deem suspicious.

In one of the promotional videos, Live Eye sends potential customers, two black-clad robbers, into what appears to be a 7-Eleven store.

One of them is carrying an assault rifle. When the clerk starts to open the cash register, the Live Eye system dings and a voice informs the robbers that the police have been called and they run out of the store, Times Now News reported.

The position’s job description “monitoring sites (Convenience stores, gas stations, etc.) for our end clients/customers, assisting employees located overseas remotely via phone or camera, creating reports for any suspicious activities for employees working at the remote site (overseas) or for customers present at the site, act as a virtual supervisor for the sites, in terms of assuring the safety of the employees located overseas and requesting them to complete assigned tasks.”

The employees would be paid $399 per month.

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