Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Controversy between Modi and Indian Muslim VP over International Yoga Day


Before the International Yoga Day had even kicked off, Indian Muslims were cynical of the practice. The Muslims viewed it as a practice that was predominantly Hindu and was in violation of Islamic teachings. Indian Muslims were also of the view that yoga was a Hindu agenda which was being pushed by force, as part of a plan to impose Hindu teachings across all of India.

However, the absence of Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari was noted after a series of tweets by RSS and BJP leader Ram Madhav, who questioned the VP’s absence. When the Muslim Vice President declared that he would have arrived at the event (where Narendra Modi was taking part in the activities with around 36,000 participants) had he been invited, the government reacted swiftly and in an attempt to control damage, stated that no invitation had been issued to the Vice President purposely since the PM was already the chief guest.

There is a warrant of precedence. When we call the Prime Minister, we cannot call the Vice-President. They are above the Prime Minister, that’s why we don’t call them,” said Ayush minister.

Many people started siding with Hamid Ansari and the hashtag #IStandWithHamidAnsari also started to trend:-


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