Sunday, August 14, 2022

Ex-cop has had bullet in his brain for last 10 years


In a miracle, a former Russian policeman is living a normal life with a bullet lodged in his brain for past ten year.

According to the details, the policeman, Vladimir Krutov, now 36, had received a bullet in his head during an encounter with gang ten years ago.

The cop was shifted to the hospital in critical condition where his X-rays revealed the bullet remained lodged at the top of his head.

Surgeons refused to remove the bullet saying that attempting to remove the bullet would almost certainly cause death. The bullet had entered the base of the skull and passed through his entire brain.

Medics gave Vladimir Krutov a one in a million chance of survival, Mail Online reported.

The bullet inside his head measures three quarters of an inch by one third of an inch and left a hole more than one inch in diameter in the base of his skull.

Talking to journalists, he said, ‘It was unrealistic to survive when a bullet passes through the whole brain, damaging all parts.

“When I was in a coma, I had a heart failure – and underwent clinical death.”

He said, “I thought I was in the next world. I was completely paralysed, only the fingers on my left hand worked.”

Yet two months later in October 2010 he walked unaided out of the hospital. “I’m a former sportsman and I fight for my targets. The doctors could not believe their eyes.”

Krutov said, “When I go and collect someone from the airport, and go through security, I always cause problems”

He said, “But I tell them I have got a bullet in my brain.”

A year-and-a-half ago he married wife Marina, 36, and is now the proud father of a five-month-old daughter Varvara.


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