Saturday, October 1, 2022

Cops reaches zoo after getting emergency call, turns out a monkey had done it


Police rushed to a zoo after receiving an emergency call but were baffled after discovering a monkey had contacted them. 

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San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office recalled the bizarre incident which happened on Saturday on social media application Facebook. They received a emergency call which got cut. 

The police department called and messaged the caller but they did not get a response. The police traced the call and discovered it was made from the offices of Zoo to You near Paso Robles in California state in the United States.

The deputies arrived at the zoo but discovered no one had contacted them. The management and law enforcers both realized Route the Capuchin monkey has contacted them.

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He used the phone that was inside the cart that travels around the 40-acres of zoo’s land.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office added the Capuchin monkeys are inquisitive in nature and will get hold of anything and press buttons. The police department said the primate got the right combination of numbers to call them.

They jokingly stated the Route looked to be embarrassed with what happened.


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