Saturday, July 2, 2022

Experts rule against plasma, Dexamethasone, Actemra as viable COVID-19 cures


LAHORE: Coronavirus expert advisory panel has ruled against blood plasma transfusion and administration of Dexamethasone as viable cures of the infection, ARY News reported on Monday.

British experts had touted Dexamethasone as the answer to curing critical coronavirus patients after which Pakistan mulled over using the medicine whereas plasma transfusion’s success to cure coronavirus patients in Pakistan in the recent past made it the remedy of choice for many.

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The advisory group deduced that medicines such as Dexamethasone and Actemra along with blood plasma transfusions have worked in some instances to cure critical coronavirus patients but the long ranging effects of the plasma procedure and vaccines, Actemra and Dexamethasone were as yet unknown.

The coronavirus expert advisory group said that due to the unknown nature of how well the procedure and vaccines work, they can’t be hailed as sure shot remedies for the viral infection.

13.6 million Dexamethasone injections are currently available at various healthcare centers across Punjab and news regarding its shortage is false, the advisory group added further.

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The advisory group also revealed that the highly touted Hydroxychloroquine which was also mentioned as a remedy for coronavirus by America President Donald Trump was not a cure at all and was rather exacerbating the illness of sufferers.

All licenses related to stocking and selling of Hydroxychloroquine in Pakistan have been revoked and all human trials to verify its potency have been stopped.


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