Thursday, March 23, 2023

Coronavirus: Sindh Food Authority issues advisory for food outlets, hotels


KARACHI: Sindh Food Authority has issued an advisory for the hotels and food outlets across the province aimed at avoiding the spread of coronavirus that has already infected over 180 people country-wide, ARY NEWS reported.

The advisory carried preventive measures to be followed by the owners, operators and employees of the food outlets and hotels.

It said that all those working at food shops and hotels should carry masks, sanitizers or soaps and dryers.

The chef and the person supplying the food item should avoid coming in direct contact with the foodstuff and could use gloves for the purpose. “Any employee suffering from flu, cough, fever and other symptoms should contact his food supervisor,” it said adding that entry-exit doors, food counters and other places should be sprayed with anti-germ spray.

The owners are also directed to take the temperature of all those working at their place on a regular basis and maintain a record of it. “In case of any symptoms, the concerned person should immediately approach the Sindh government for help,” the advisory read.

Sindh government has also issued an advisory for the government employees detailing preventive measures to be taken during their official work.

The advisory asked the employees to refrain from coming into close contact with each other during the office work especially avoiding handshakes.

Those working in the government offices should try to maintain a one-meter distance with each other and wash their hands at frequent intervals in order to avoid coming in contact with the deadly virus, it said.

The employees should refrain from visiting public places and mass gathering venues.

“In case of suffering from coughs, fever, pain in breathing process and flu-some of the common symptoms of coronavirus- the employee should avoid visiting the office and stay at home,” it said.


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