Friday, February 3, 2023

‘Standing firm with Imran Khan even if it means political revolution’


ISLAMABAD: The federal minister for interior Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said Wednesday he would like to go easy on the opposition but since he stands firm with Prime Minister Imran Khan who gets annoyed by the idea of overlooking plubder carried out by former rulers.

Present today in the ARY News program The Reporters, the federal minister for interior said PM Imran Khan has this one narrative which is accountability and for this, he stands with him.

There is no way PM Imran Khan would compromise on the corruption committed by the opposition political parties, he said.

I understand there are issues in the political atmosphere in the country at present which require settlement and dialogue but, he added, PM Khan develops wrinkles on his forehead when it involves leniency on corruption.

It was the very promise in his political campaign to ensure accountability and that’s why people voted him, Sheikh Rasheed said.

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He said he will follow PM Imran Khan if the accountability promises require a political revolution.

The federal interior minister said prime focus for the Prime Minister at the moment is Broadsheet scandal whose inquiry commission is chaired by Justice (R) Azmat Saeed and the for which the PM has said even his own people, if found guilty, be duly dealt.

He claimed the PM has reined in the thieves now and said it is because of the past government that the ruling party faces challenges.


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