Thursday, August 5, 2021

Couple finds giant monopoly board underneath old carpet, photo goes viral


In a surprising incident, a couple found a massive monopoly board underneath an old carpet which they had ripped up.

According to the details, the couple was making some changes to their home when they unexpectedly discovered the hidden huge gaming board underneath their carpet.

Sharing the photo on Reddit, the couple’s son-in-law said, “While tearing up their carpet, my in-laws found a giant monopoly board.”

Since being shared, the post has received more than 1.2 lakh likes and more than 1,900 comments.

Some users said large monopoly boards were once a rage.

A user wrote, “Showed this to my wife, and she reminded me that there’s a whole neighborhood near us, built in the mid-50s, that has game boards painted or tiled onto their basement floors.”

Another commented, “I didn’t realize anyone actually liked Monopoly. And definitely not enough to do this. And more than once.”

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