Wednesday, August 17, 2022

WATCH: Moment UK couple are rescued from car after being trapped in floodwater for two hours


In what is termed as a Christmas miracle, a couple was rescued from a submerged car in UK after being trapped in freezing floodwater for two hours.

Footage of the incident showed fire crews breaking the window of a car that was barely visible underneath almost six feet of floodwater in Thorpe End near Norwich, a city in the United Kingdom.

It all started after a couple informed the emergency services regarding a car trapped in a floodwater infront of their apartment, considering it vacant.

However, in a shocking development, a woman and a man were pulled out of the car alive from the vehicle.

Matt Emmerson, who along with his wife Alex saw the entire episode and captured it, told local British media that: ‘Whoever this poor couple were, they were in there for a long time – close to two hours. The water must have been freezing.’

The couple was taken to hospital by ambulance and Norfolk Police is investigating.

Video footage taken by the couple showed the moment a firefighter waded into water that came up to his chin. Mrs Emmerson, while recording the rescue, said: ‘He’s literally up to his armpits’.

The firefighter could be heard shouting: ‘Guys I’m unsure, I don’t know if there’s anyone in here.’

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A woman was seen inside and the fireman smashed the window before pulling her out but she was in a state of shock.

Mr Emmerson said: ‘I couldn’t see anyone come out of that alive. He was shouting to her to find out if there was anyone else in there and she was in a real state of shock.’

A man was then found inside and pulled out.

The East of England Ambulance Service said both patients were transported to a hospital for ‘further assessment and treatment.’


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