Friday, August 12, 2022

WATCH: Couple shocked to find six lions sunning at their house


A couple in South Africa was shocked to see six lions sunning themselves on the deck of their house when they visited the property, which was up for the sale. 

David De Beer and his wife Mariska were startled to find themselves face to face with six big cats that were lounging around on the patio.

The squatter lions didn’t seem phased by the couple at first but were startled by the sound of the door closing as they entered the home.

David, the owner of building firm Davon Construction, said he and Mariska had arrived at his father’s house on the Leadwood Estate to check the property which is up for sale, ‘only to find someone has already moved in’.

Footage of the lions shot from inside the house drew admiring comments from social media users envious of the couple’s close encounter.

‘We need a garden like that! Wonderful beasts,’ user Ross Goldsworthy wrote.

‘Great guard dogs…can feed themselves, zero maintenance…zero burglaries,’ Shelley-Anne Dean, another user, joked.

The property is on the Leadwood Big Game Estate, where homes can reportedly sell for less than £100,000.


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