Thursday, June 30, 2022

COVID DREAD: Over 150 dead bodies found afloat in Indian’s Ganga river


BUXAR: The discovery of scores of dead bodies found washed up in river Ganga bank near Indian state Bihar’s city has sent shockwaves across the entire country, with many questioning that where did those come from, the local media reported.

In a horrific turn of events reported across the Indian media sphere, the bodies of over 150 reported Covid patients were discovered piling at a ghat on river Ganges in Bihar’s Buxar.

According to locals, over 150 dead bodies, which are suspected to be Covid fatalities, were dumped on the banks of the Ganges river.

These Covid bodies will be washed down further and can be eaten by stray dogs which will further spread coronavirus, the report added. The recovery of the dead bodies in such large numbers has sent shockwaves across the entire country.

It is suspected that the bodies were perhaps immersed in the Ganges as part of the last rites. It is believed that a drop in the water levels could have left the bodies stranded along the banks.

The incident was reported near Mahadev Ghat where dogs were seen wading through the washed-up bodies.

Meanwhile, the blame game has started between Bihar and Uttar Pradesh over the recovery of the dead bodies. The Buxar district administration in Bihar has said that the bodies are from neighboring Uttar Pradesh.

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The Buxar district administration has said that the bodies floated down the Ganga River and piled up at the ghat there, local media reported.

Earlier on Saturday, a similar incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh where several unidentified and partially burnt bodies were spotted floating in the Yamuna river in Hamirpur, according to residents of the town who alerted the police. Two bodies were partially burnt, police said on Sunday.


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