Sunday, September 25, 2022

Intelligence agencies sound alarms with health advisory as Covid rages across Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: With the Covid-19 comeback rampaging across Pakistan daily infecting four times the people it did in the first wave, the health unit of intelligence agencies have Monday rolled out an advisory underlining steps to curb the lethal spread, ARY News reported.

According to the details on said health advisory, the steps suggest curbing Covid-19 pandemic without calling lockdowns on business and commercial activities. However, it highly suggested an all out ban on assemblies and processions.

It says to forbid all religious and political gatherings and shutdown wedding halls, schools, seminaries, tombs, recreational centers and theaters across the board.

Ensure the implementation on the standard operating procedures (SOPs) across markets and upon any violation the city administrations may slap heavy fines on them to register the gravity of the situation, the advisory added.

It said to widen the testing exercise and focus especially on Covid-19 hotspots -areas with relatively more cases. Advisory suggested streamlining test trials of vaccines introduced by Pfizer and ConSino to gauge their efficacy and recommended advance procurement of these vaccines.

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Advisory by the intelligence agencies underlined the need to build capacity in the hospitals ahead of feared Covid-led situation and to encourage volunteers to sign up for trials.

Moreover, the agencies also counseled health ministry to approve use of vaccines on weaker groups who might struggle to fight off Covid if attracted.

Lastly, the advisory highlighted the need to keep a check on prices of all essential medicines and instruments as the second wave develops concerning circumstances.


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