Sunday, September 26, 2021

Suspected COVID-19 patient on ventilator declared dead twice by hospital staff



A suspected patient of novel coronavirus has allegedly been declared dead twice by the medical staff at a hospital in Vidisha district of India’s Madhya Pradesh state.

The hospital administration issued a death certificate to a 58-year-old Gorelal Kori who was put on a ventilator on Wednesday owing to suspected COVID-19.

The patient was reportedly a resident of Sultania village of Vidisha district who had been admitted to Atal Bihari Medical College Hospital on Monday in critical condition, according to NDTV.

It emerged that he was declared dead for the second time and his family even made preparations for the funeral rites of the patient before the hospital officials admitted the mix-up.

“The next day they called me to the hospital saying his condition was critical. After I reached, they said they could not save him.

The patient’s son Kailash Kori told local media that the hospital staff told him that they could not save him, the next day after his condition was critical. Later, the nurse told the family that the patient was breathing again.

Following the confusion, the medical college’s dean Sunil Nandeshwar then clarified that the patient was on ventilator support when his heartbeat stopped, however, the doctors revived him with CPR and he is still on ventilator support.

It must be noted that the MP state had recorded 11,045 cases on Friday, indicating a sharp spike in COVID-19 cases.

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