Sunday, November 28, 2021

18 killed, over 1800 phones snatched in Karachi during February: CPLC report


KARACHI: The Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) on Monday released a report on street crimes committed in February 2020 in Karachi, ARY News reported.

According to statistics compiled by the CPLC, overall 2,632 motorcycles were snatched or stolen, while 1800 Karachiites were deprived of their mobile phones by street criminals.

At least 18 people were killed in Karachi during the outgoing month, whereas, 150 four-wheelers were either snatched or stolen from the city.

Moreover, Police recovered 353 two-wheeler vehicles, 269 mobile phones recovered.

Earlier in January, overall 191 four-wheelers were either snatched or stolen from the city, according to a CPLC report.

The report reveals that snatching and stealing of two-wheeler vehicles remained higher in the city as over 90 bikes were stolen or snatched during the last month. The authorities remained successful in recovering only 285 bikes.

Overall, 1912 incidents of a citizen being deprived of their mobiles phones from the city while 30 people were killed in January.

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