Saturday, December 4, 2021

Tiny crab fights off pride of curious lions, video goes viral


In an incredible  incident, a small crab fended off a pride of curious lions circling around it in MalaMala private game reserve in South Africa.   

According to the details, the video, obtained by safari outlet Latest Sightings, was shared on social networking site, Facebook on Tuesday.


The video shows one lion approach the small crab heading on its way in game reserve.

The tiny crab shows off its small claws as the curious lion lays in the sand and watches the crab back away. Just as the crab thinks it is in the clear, another lion approaches with more interest than the last. The lion follows the crab as it scurries off.

The video then cuts to the moment the rest of the pride jogs over to investigate the crab. Although some lose interest, three lions circle the crab and sniff around it.

Additional footage posted on YouTube shows how one of the lions nearly smashes the crab with its massive paw before it scurries away, and concludes with the three final lions watching as the crab attempts to burrow itself in the sand.

The outlet estimated that while the crab was only about four inches, each lion stood about three feet tall and weighed around 275 pounds.

A representative for the reserve confirmed with Newsweek the video was filmed on its grounds. “These specific lions belong to the Kambula Pride, which currently consist of [give or take] 25 lions in total,” he added.

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