Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Crew member makes £50,000 mistake onboard debut flight


A flight crew member of British Airways committed a blunder on his debut flight which cost £50,000 to the airline.

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According to the British news agency The Sun, the British Airways crew member was making his debut on a flight from London to Lagos on January 16. However, his big day was memorable for him for the wrong reasons as he accidentally deployed the emergency slide of the Boeing 777 plane as it prepared for takeoff. 

The flight got delayed for nearly an hour.

The pictures of the aircraft, with its door opened, went viral on Twitter.

British Airways apologized to the passengers for the inconvenience on the crew member’s behalf. Except for the newcomer, the flight departed for Lagos with the same crew.

Another attendant of the British flag carrier took to Twitter to share pictures of the aircraft with its door open.

It is pertinent to mention that flights have been delayed because of different reasons concerning pilots.

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The passengers of a British Airways flight were made to sit in the aircraft for five hours on an aircraft due to a mixup in the pilot’s coronavirus test, according to the British news website, The Mirror.

The flight, which was to head to Barbados from London, got grounded after the pilot’s coronavirus test result came back positive. As the flight was about to depart, the passengers were informed of what took place.

The pilot mentioned that airline staff were on the lookout for another pilot to take his place and the process will take some time and they have many people who are trying to solve the issue.


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