Friday, January 27, 2023

Criminal hidden above wooden ceiling caught after crack reveals dangling foot


MANCHESTER: Criminal seeking refuge in a wooden attic above the ceiling was caught by the police after crack revealed dangling foot of the miscreant, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

All efforts of a wanted man went in vain after police officers searching the residence for his whereabouts discover a dangling foot in the rooftop of a room they were searching in.

The video of the funny incident, which has since gone viral, features two policemen staring at the hole in the roof while asking the man to come out who had hidden expertly in a hollow ceiling prior to the wood cracking and giving away his presence.

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According to a Daily Mail report, Matty Walsh the resident of the house where the criminal was found hiding discreetly in was attending a party with some of his friends when there was banging on the door revealing it to be the “Police.”

The 24-year-old had no idea who the suspect was, how he got there and where he vanished when police came looking for him in the area of Rochdale, Manchester.

“We heard a cracking and the police said, ‘Who’s in the roof?’” Walsh said.

“The next thing a foot comes in and the plaster comes down and almost hits the policeman on the head,” he added.

According to the news website, a spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police stated that the man had been arrested at the party due to prior “domestic assault charges”.


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