Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Giant crocodile eats two sharks at seashore, video goes viral


In a jaw-dropping video captured by a woman, a giant crocodile could be seen approaching two sharks near a seashore and later grabbing one of them with its jaws.

The video was filmed by Yvonne Palmer at Queensland Beach in Australia and later shared on social media.

The video shows a crocodile slowly approaching two small sharks at the seashore.

“Check out this monster … holy smackers. I just caught a shark, which I couldn’t get back into the water because this fella was coming and now he’s going to come and eat it and I am going to sh*t myself,” the woman says in the video.

As the baby shark flaps on the shore, the reptile slowly approaches it.

“Oh lord, this thing is only like metres from us… I have never been shaking so much in my whole… life,” Palmer says.

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The crocodile then grabs the baby shark in his jaws. He munches on another baby shark on the shore and then returns to the sea. He appears to not be bothered by the presence of people on the beach.

“Oh my lord, he’s like one, two, three, I can see like four metres and he’s still got tail in the water, that’s the biggest crocodile I’ve ever seen in my life,” Palmer adds.


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