Sunday, August 14, 2022

CTD makes progress in Karachi terrorism funding probe


KARACHI: The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) has made progress in terror funding to Da’aish in Syria, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

A terror suspect, Umar bin Khalid, arrested by the CTD of Sindh Police in Karachi, has made sensational disclosures while being questioned by the law enforcement officials.

Umar bin Khalid disclosed that he was providing funds to four Pakistani women who went to Syria and joined Da’aish, with bitcoin.

“All four women, who joined the terrorist group in Syria, have been natives of Lahore,” arrested man told investigators.

“A youth staying in UK is also part of the terror funding network,” arrested terrorist disclosed.

The Counter Terrorism Department has wrote a letter to the I.G. Sindh Police for seeking mutual legal assistance from the UK as well as Syria to further inquire into the terror funding case.

The arrested suspect has been student of an engineering university in Karachi, officials said.

“After a forensic analysis of Khalid’s mobile phones, we came to know that he had links with the terror outfit and was sending money to Syria,” Omer Shahid Hamid, deputy inspector general of the Counter-Terrorism Department of Sindh Police, had earlier said. “Khalid used to send cash to an accomplice in Hyderabad, who used to send the money to Syria through bitcoins.”

Hamid said that so far, Khalid had sent more than a million Pakistani rupees.


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