Cub learns to roar like a lion, cute videos go viral

Heartwarming videos of a cub learning to roar like a lion while playing close to its mother are going viral across social media platforms. 

The videos of the cub with the lioness were shared by Twitter user ‘Buitengebieden’. He takes to the micro-blogging social media outlet to post funny and cute animal videos. 

The adorable videos have millions of views and over 10,000 likes. Here’s what netizens had to say. 

It is pertinent to mention

that there are countless videos of weird stuff regarding lions and its cubs. Earlier, A heartwarming video emerged which showed an abandoned leopard cub being reunited with its mother in an Indian state.

The cub was discovered by farmers in the Bhosi village in the Nanded district of Maharashtra in India during harvesting. The cub was found hiding under some dried banana trunks in Jowar field near the forest.


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