Monday, November 28, 2022

VIDEO: Cyclist punches motorist for throwing rubbish at him


In a shocking incident, a furious cyclist chased a Mercedes and throws a hail of punches at the passenger for throwing rubbish at him.

In a video captured on a dashcam, it could be seen that the Mercedes slows down and someone inside the car throws rubbish at two cyclists waiting at a crossing and the car then speeds off.


The incident makes the cyclists furious and they started chasing the vehicle. After covering some distance, the car’s driver is forced to stop his vehicle at a red light and then one of the cyclists catches up.

The cyclist leaps off his bike, runs over to a Mercedes and begins throwing punches through the passenger window. As soon as the light turns green, the car drives off, 7News reported.

The cyclist then calmly picks up his bike and walks off in the opposite direction.

Facebook users seemed to think the cyclist was within his rights to react the way he did.

“Yeah, fair reaction from the cyclist,” a user said.

 “A knee in the door would have been justified,” another said.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” a third said.


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