Sunday, October 2, 2022

Danger of urban flooding very real if rains continue: Mayor Karachi


ISLAMABAD: Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar talking exclusively to ARY News said that till the drainage systems were completely disposed the danger of urban floods would linger on in Karachi.

Akhtar said that the city needs a proper waste disposal system which is missing hence people throw most of the waste in storm drains.

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He added that there was no point in employing engineers and machinery worth millions to clean the drains as they get filled up with garbage again due to the city’s severe lack of proper waste disposal.

“We had informed Sindh government and the Federal government to clean the drain before monsoon but they did not pay heed,” said Mayor Karachi.

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“We are busy cleaning 38 of the city’s biggest storm drains with the help of World Bank despite the lack of resources and machines available with Karachi Municipality Committee (KMC).”

Akhtar said that nine out of a total twelve water pumps owned by KMC to drain rain water are defunct and are currently being repaired.

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Mayor Karachi forewarned that if monsoon rains continued in Karachi then the dangers of urban flooding would be realized and the situation could potentially become dangerous.

He said that he himself had never claimed that the situation was under control but relayed information passed on to me by the provincial minister for local bodies.


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