Friday, August 12, 2022

Dangers of smoking Shisha!


Shisha is flavored hooka smoked through water pipes. Shisha is one of the most popular choices of youth in Pakistan to the point that its ever increasing demand has led to shisha cafes propping up in many parts of the country. Tobacco is crushed and mixed with powdered flavors such as apple, mint, grape, watermelon, strawberry, orange etc (depending upon the choice of the consumer). Here are a list of health hazards that are associated with shisha smoking, we feel you should be aware of:-

1. Dangers to the heart

Shisha smoking causes immense dangers to the heart and reduces the blood flow greatly in the most important organ of the human body. Since shisha contains tobacco which contains toxins and impurities, these clog the arteries. Arteries are responsible for supplying the heart and rest of the body with blood at a fast pace. Hence, due to arteries being clogged, blood reaches the heart at a slower pace which can cause a heart stroke.

2. Impotence

Just like many of the risks and hazards associated with smoking, having shisha also raises the chance of young people becoming impotent. Since the blood supply is hampered due to tobacco, young males might encounter and suffer from erectile dysfunction.

3. Shisha: a source of cancer

Every shisha is heated by a charcoal placed on the top wooden funnel, draped with a foil paper. The heated charcoals releases many compounds through the water such as carbon monoxide, heavy metals and toxic compounds which damage health and contribute to cancer. Since shisha is smoked for a longer duration as compared to an average cigarette, shisha’s health hazards are more severe and long lasting. A typical cigarette may last up to 20 puffs, however, one shisha smoking session involves 200 puffs of dangerous compounds.

4. Respiratory diseases and infections as a result of shisha smoking

Shisha smoking can contribute to respiratory complications arising when you breathe and inhale. Also, the use of shisha can transfer germs from one user to the other and hence, spread infections.

If you’re caught up with the addiction of smoking shisha, it is detrimental that you quit right away. Shisha does nothing good for your health but in turn, it decimates it. In order to have a healthy heart, mind and strong veins as well as arteries, quit and abstain from shisha smoking at all times!


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