Monday, October 3, 2022

Danish Ali’s humorous take on VIP culture goes viral


If you haven’t witnessed the latest video by Danish Ali doing the rounds on social media, you’ve missed out on a good laugh indeed. Pakistan has for long been plagued by the VIP culture, and all complexities that come with it. From waiting in long cues to being stuck in massive traffic jams, VIP treatment has oft enraged the masses. However, Danish Ali has made a satirical vine on the whole concept of VIP culture. The vine focuses on an ordinary man played by Danish Ali, who invents a ‘VIP helmet’ and then resorts to avail the full privileges of a Very Important Person.

Laugh yourselves silly by watching the video below:-

Danish Ali has entertained us with many vines over the past couple of months, but this could certainly be his best. From cutting lines at long cues to having the luxury of going to public restrooms when it pleases him, Danish flexes his muscles and maltreats the common man, his VIP helmet (accompanied by two police officers) doing the trick.

Danish Ali

Nothing like a good dose of laughter to reflect on an important issue!


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