Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Dashcam footage: Truck slams into medical vehicle in snowy conditions


A dashcam video showed a speeding truck slammed into the emergency medical services (EMS) vehicle in snowy conditions when the workers were busy checking the occupants of a car for injuries.

The incident took place in Allegheny County – Pennsylvania when EMS workers were checking the occupants of a car for wounds. Later, a truck slammed into the EMS vehicle after coming around the turn too quickly in the snowy conditions.

The intense moments captured by the dashcam showed that two workers and another person managed to make out of the street just in time, ABC7 reported.

Collier Township EMS said it is a reminder to please slow down and use caution, not only in the weather but all the time. “Two of our members were almost struck during this incident, please be careful,” they said.

The Collier Township EMS is hoping the warning prevents another scene like this one.

After it was posted on Facebook, the video and message were being widely shared.


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