Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Dead woman comes back to life, claims father beckoned her to heaven


An 83-year-old woman came back to life 10 hours after being pronounced dead by medical examiners, claims she had gone on a journey during the time she was ‘not alive’, ARY News reported.

Ksenia Didukh hailing from Ukraine was pronounced dead at home in the town of Stryzhavka last week after paramedics were called by relatives discovered her lifeless body.

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Ten hours later as her family and her loved ones began to make arrangments for her funeral she began showing signs of life and was rushed to hospital where she regained consciousness.

Speaking about her near-death experience, Ksenia said she saw the kingdom of heaven and heard her late father calling to her.

Speaking about the moment she regained consciousness, Ksenia added: ‘My eyes opened, and people in white were standing around me.

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‘I thought they were angels but these were doctors. Apparently God had mercy on me.’

Daughter Tetyana Potomchenko said paramedics were first called around 6 am when her mother, a retired nurse, fell gravely ill.

Medics said there was no point in taking her to the hospital because she was dying when her pulse was checked it showed a flat line, so declared her dead.

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The daughter further revealed: ‘At around 7.30 pm we touched her forehead, and it was warm, her armpits were warm, she was alive. The death certificate had to be cancelled and torn up.’

Dr Tetyana Katylova, deputy medical officer of Vinnytsia regional hospital, said: ‘I have been working as a doctor for 20 years, but I have not seen anything like this.’


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