Monday, October 3, 2022

Deadlier Covid cheating lab tests in second wave: Pulmonologist


The second wave of novel coronavirus is remarkably different from its predecessor as in the second wave it’s not being detected in the tests as well, renowned pulmonologist Dr Shazli Manzoor said on Thursday.

Present in ARY News program Power Play earlier today, Dr Shazli Manzoor said Covid-19 is spreading at a pace unprecedented and this time it has mutated enough to cheat lab tests.

He said the virus is now targeting its victims indiscriminately without any exception for their ages or genders.

Covid-19 has, this time around, mutated its shape and form and the symptoms it exhibits are not the usual ones as that in the first wave.

In the first wave we saw people recovering within as little as two days but now the Covid targets are requiring treatments up to a fortnight.
The virus is getting deadlier, the pulmonologist said. It’s wreaking havoc across Europe and people here need to exercise extreme caution.


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