Monday, October 3, 2022

Deadlock persists as talks between Petroleum ministry, dealers fail


ISLAMABAD: The first phase of negotiations between the Ministry of Petroleum and petrol dealers has ended without reaching a consensus, ARY News reported on Saturday.

According to details, deadlock persisted between the Petroleum Minister and Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) over demand of hike in the dealers’ commission.

The petroleum association has threatened to observe a nationwide strike on July 18 if the government fails to fulfill its demand of fixing the dealer margin at 6 per cent. “Petrol pumps across the country will be shut down on July 18,” it maintained.

In a statement, PPDA Chairman Abdul Sami Khan said that the Ministry of Petroleum has summoned the petrol dealers on Sunday again.

Giving details of today’s meeting, Sami Khan said that the Petroleum Minister, Chairman OGRA, and former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi were present in the talks.

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan – Petroleum Ministry official – said that the petrol dealers have submitted their expenditure and income statement. “The dealers have demanded a six per cent hike in the commission,” he added. He hoped that the legitimate demands of petroleum dealers will be accepted.

The petrol dealers had announced to stage a nationwide strike on July 18. The association said that the minimum wage of an employee has reached Rs25,000 and prices of other commodities were also increased.

The dealers said that the margin should be increased up to 6% due to the increase in the expenditures. Moreover, banners having the strike call and demands of the PPDA were posed at the petrol pumps of different cities.


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