Saturday, April 1, 2023

Treasure hunt: Deaf-mute woman escapes ‘human sacrifice’


A deaf-mute woman has escaped death when she guessed the motives of her close relatives who lured her to take part in a religious ritual in India.  

According to the details, the 58-year-old deaf and mute woman Sarojamma escaped from the clutches of her relatives when they were about to slit her throat during a ritual meant for ‘augment luck in treasure-hunting’ in India’s Andhra Pradesh.

She along with her son approached the police station and lodged a complaint claiming that her sister-in-law Subbamma and her husband Seshadri lured her to an isolated place to offer religious ritual.

In her statement, the woman said that after giving her bath and applying turmeric on her body, she was stunned to see a sharp knife in Seshadri’s hands.

As the deaf-mute woman realized that she was brought there to offer her as a human sacrifice, she somehow managed to escape from the scene.

Sarojamma said that her relatives believe that there was a hidden treasure where they wanted to kill her.

The police have registered a case and launched investigations into the incident.


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