Wednesday, August 17, 2022

WATCH: Deer crashes through school bus windshield


VIRGINIA: In a bizarre incident, a deer crashed through the windshield of a school bus and landed on a student who was taking a nap during the journey in Virginia state of the US.

 The video shows that the school bus was on its way when a deer crashes through the windshield on the opposite side from where the driver is seated and flips over a seating barrier to land on a student who was sleeping.


The student was surprised to find a shocked deer before him. Meanwhile, the bus driver opens the doors and the deer runs out. Fortunately, the student was not injured in the incident. The driver said the deer ran off into the distance and did not appear to be injured.

Brian Bartlett, the district’s interim director of transportation told the Powhatan Today, “The driver did very well. He was able to get the bus off to the side of the road safely, turned the four ways on while the bus was moving, and did all of this while the deer was still in the floor of the bus kicking all around.”

“He did a very good job at keeping the bus safe and keeping the kids on the bus safe,” he added.


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